Born on March, 1995 in Miami, USA.
  When she was a kid she moved to Spain and settled in a small town in Valencia where she began to train in Classical Dance with five years old. In 2006 she studied for 5 years in a young actors school called “Escoleta Teatre Escalante” in Valencia city.

  After this long period of learning, she finally moved to Valencia city to take the Bachelor of Performing Arts at “IES Lluís Vives” and she also starts training Jazz Dance, Singing (voicecraft technique) and music in several schools.

  With eighteen years old she decided to move to Madrid, where she studied Drama for 4 years at Estudio Corazza para el actor. In this school, she was part of the cast in theatre plays such as Cada cuál con su secreto, Coraje y expresión and  Detrás de Ibsen at the Teatro Conde Duque . For three years, she studied intensely the Linklater Vocal Technique. During this learning process, she immerses herself in the world of dubbing studying at “Escuela de doblaje Luisa Ezquerra”, and also starts being the lead singer in 2 bands; Jazz and Rock / Garage. In 2016 she was part of the cast in The mujeres, sobre mujeres a theatre play by La Joven Compañía (Young Theatre Company) in Madrid.

  During all this time she took several national and international Workshops with La Joven Compañía (Madrid), Natalia Fernandes (Brasil), Camilo Vazquez/Colectivo Fango (Argentina), Carlota Ferrer (Madrid), Falk Richter (germany) & Nir de Volff (israel), Susanne Link (germany), Eric Minh Cuong Castaing (france), etc. All this in theatres like Teatro Pavón Kamikaze, Conde Duque or Matadero in Madrid and Theatre festivals like Frinje, Madrid or BoCA Bienal, Lisbon.

  Her training continues in the Estudio Work in Progress of Drama with the Spanish director Darío Facal. Practicing Simultaneously Tap Dance and Voice Craft Technique. During this time she worked as an actress, dancer and costume designer on several music videos for the discography Elefant Records, and for groups such as: La Casa Azul, La Bienquerida, Rush Week and The Perfect Kiss

  Her latest audiovisual projects have been shortfilms as Pawns directed by Pablo Pagan (awarded as best young actress in the CinemaJove Festival of Valencia), Pizza Fría directed by Daniel Cuenca, El fin justifica el diseño directed by Sandra Baquero, Ocultos directed by Alejo Malia etc and small roles for international series such as Miracle Tunes for Mediterraneo Media Entertainment, Genius: Picasso for National Geographic and FOX, and national tv series like Centro Médico for TVE.

  Her last projects as an actress, dancer, musician and performer were Los Cuerpos Perdidos at the Teatro Español in Madrid, Un Cuerpo Infinito (With the flamenco company of Olga Pericet) at the Teatros del Canal (Both directed by Carlota Ferrer) and Todo lo que está a mi lado in the Teatros del Canal of Madrid during November with the argentinian awarded contemporary theatre director Fernando Rubio.

  Nowadays she’s on an international tour performing Un cuerpo infinito and her next project will be La leyenda del Tiempo a play writed by Federico Garcia Lorca and codirected by Darío Facal and Carlota Ferrer in the Teatro Central, Sevilla (30th and 31th of genuary) and in the Teatro Pavón Kamikaze Theatre in Madrid (From 06th of February to 08th of March).

Play Video

• GENIUS: PICASSO · National Geographic / Fox
• CENTRO MÉDICO · Zebra producciones. TVE
• MIRACLE TUNES · Mediterraneo Media Entertainment

• PAWNS · Dir. Pablo Pagán
• EL FIN JUSTIFICA EL DISEÑO · Dir. Sandra Baquero
• PIZZA FRÍA · Dir. Daniel Cuenca
• OCULTOS · Dir. Alejo Malia
• TALKING TO MYSELF · The Perfect Kiss
• ATARAXIA · La Casa Azul
• FEELINGS · Rush Week

• LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO · Dir. Carlota Ferrer y Darío Facal. Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares and Teatro Pavón Kamikaze
• TODO LO QUE ESTÁ A MI LADO · Dir. Fernando Rubio. Teatros del Canal
• UN CUERPO INFINITO · Dir. Olga Pericet. Teatros del Canal.
• LOS CUERPOS PERDIDOS · Dir. Carlota Ferrer. Teatro Español
• HACIA LA BELLEZA III · Dir. Carlota Ferrer. Real Casa de Correos – Noche de los teatros
• MATERIAL FRÁGIL · Dir. Carlota Ferrer. Real Casa de Correos – Noche de los teatros
• HACIA LA BELLEZA II · Dir. Carlota Ferrer (Kamikaze). Teatro Pavón
• EN BUSCA DE UNA NUEVA IDENTIDAD · Dir. Falk Richter. Matadero – Festival Frinje
• HACIA LA BELLEZA · Dir. Carlota Ferrer (Kamikaze). Teatro Pavón
• DETRÁS DE IBSEN · Dir. Ana Gracia y Corazza.Teatro Conde Duque
• DE MUJERES SOBRE MUJERES · Dir. Juana Escabias (La Joven Compañía). C. Duque
• AQUÍ NO PAGA NADIE · Dir. Darío Fo. Teatro Escalante
• CADA CUAL CON SU SECRETO / CORAJE Y EXPRESIÓN · Dir. Paula Soldevila, Rosa Morales, Ana Gracia y Corazza.Teatro Conde Duque
• AQUÍ NO PAGA NADIE · Dir. Darío Fo. Teatro Escalante

ARTE Y CARNE; MÚSICA Y MEDICINA EN TIEMPOS DE LA ILUSTRACIÓN · Solo accompaniment of Contemporary Dance. Baroque Music Group “La Folía”. Museo del Traje
CHICAGO (Adaptation) · Teatro Off
MAMMA MIA (Adaptation) · Teatro Off
LOS MISERABLES (Adaptation) · Teatro Off
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (Adaptation) · Teatro Escalante

Estudio Work In Progress, Madrid 
Estudio Corazza para el Actor, Madrid
Bachellor of performing arts in IES Lluís Vives, València
• Academic courses in Escuela Teatro Escalante, València
• Courses of interpretation before the camera and casting with Juana Martinez, Juanma Pachón, Carmen Utrilla, Rafa Piqueras and Sigfrid Monleón.

• MEV technique. Esther Izquierdo

• Voice Craft technique. Jaume Giró

• Vocal technique Linklater.Nuria Castaño

• Locution and dubbing. Escuela Luisa Ezquerra

• Voice Craft technique. Ferrán González

• Musical theatre. EDAE, València

• Grado Musical theatre. Escuela Off, València
• Voice Craft Training. Lydia Wellington

Workshop “Dancing with Machines”.
Eric Minh Cuong Castaing.
BoCA Bienal, Lisboa
• Creational Contemporary Dance. 
Natalia Fernandes
Workshop “¿Bailamos?”.Carlota Ferrer

• Contemporary Dance Workshop with Susanne Link. Matadero
• Contemporary Dance Workshop with Nir de Volff. Festival Frinje, Matadero
Jazz / Funky / Modern
Clasic dance
• Fencing · Ateneo. Madrid
• Boxing

• English
• Italiano